Fukuoka City introduction


The name of Hakata is firstly recorded in the history is about 1260 years before. Many ships were called from the topography of the inlet. About 400 years ago, the first genaration of Kuroda clan who has moved to a place by Hakata and Josui Kuroda called a place name of "Fukuoka".
"Fukuoka" for a place name in home and Okayama-ken. The name by which the name of the city is the "Fukuoka City" ward at present, "Hakata-ku" It is.

China, Korea and Hakata
Hakata associates with the Han from about 2000 years before, in the Middle Ages, through Nisshu trade and Japan-Ming trade, etc., the one in ChinaAn exchange continued. An exchange with Korea starts with Buddhist introduction from Kudara about 1500 before.

international city Fukuoka
Every year Fukuoka City welcomes thousands of foreign visitors and hosts various international conferences. It is also a popular destination for many international students to choose when they decide to study abroad.
*In 2013 the number of foreigner tourists reached 900,000;
*in 2011 253 international conference were held in Fukuoka City;
*in 2011 the international student in Fukuoka reached 4500 persons.

Attractive city and Fukuoka


Fukuoka City is ranked in the top 10 of “best livable city” in the world British lifestyle publication "MONOCLE".

Shrine, temple and castle
There are 347 shrines and temples are in Fukuoka City. (38 shrines and temples locate in Hakata ward)
Some famous temples in Hakata ward include Touchouji temple,Joutenji temple, Shoufukuji temple, etc. the most popular shrine is Kushida shrine.The Fukuoka castle is also named as Midsuru castle, where is famous place for appreciating cherry-flower blossoming.

Touchouji Joutenji Kushidajinja Fukuokajoushi

museums and other art facilities
There are various facilities in Fukuoka for people who love fine arts and music.

Fukuoka City Museum Fukuoka Art Museum Fukuoka Asian Art Museum Across Fukuoka

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Traditional handicraft work
Hakata ori(silk fabrics dewed in traditional way and pattern),Hakata Doll, Hakata meal box, Hakata scissors.

Hakata fabrics Hakata Doll Hakata round chip box Hakata scissors

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gourmet food

Fresh fish and noodles are popular in Hakata.

Hakata lamen Hakata udon
Mizutaki Motsunabe Karasimentaiko

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