Fukuoka City
The lobby of Asia:Fukuoka City
Fukuoka City, the biggest commercial city populating 1,500,000 residents situating in the northern shore of Kyushu Island, is famous for its location as the lobby of Asia and Kyushu. Here in this land, the international communication has been kept for more than 1000 years among Japan, China and Korea. Along with its long history Fukuoka City now is developing as a modern city favored of its global culture. Besides of the exotic foods benefited from the good geographical environment and long history of cultural communication, Fukuoka City also enjoys its name for the local gourmet that made of the freshest local ingredients growing in this land.

Hakata Station  Touchouji  Yafuoku Dome  Motsunabe  Karasimentaiko

Stroll in the downtown of Fukuoka-Hakata Ward
Our theme-catalogued courses will be your good choice to get close to the city, not only its people living here now, but also its history and culture left in the streets. During each course our professional guides will keep you accompany to visit the well organized tourism spots and to experience the customized hand-on course. You are warmly welcomed to join in us to follow our local guide, to explore the real Fukuoka hidden in history, and to discover the local Japanese lifestyle and surprise. It will make you an unforgettable journey in Japan! No matter where you come from, which language you are using, we are waiting for your participation. Our guiding languages are Japanese, Chinese and English, but our common language is spoken by heart.

We are sincerely waiting for foreign guests and Japanese guests.

Participation Fee
Participation Fee
3000 per one person

Foreign languages:
English / Chinese


Kimono dressing optional tour

We also offer the optional plan of strolling in Japanese style shrine and garden in Kimono dressing. 3 hours tour of 3,000~13,000 yen per person, according to number of participants.
Contact in advanced is required, noticing simple information of preferred day and participant number. We will reply with detailed plan.